May 27, 2020

You just never realize how much of a hugger and kisser you are – until you suddenly can’t do it.

Hawaii is such a place of physical affection, which is absolutely wonderful!! Because of our ideal weather, we tend to wear light or very little clothing.

This having to wear a mask and gloves is almost a suffocating as wearing a three-piece suit with an actual tie.

Our world, as we knew it, has changed dramatically. The result of the adjustments in our behaviors has led to some opportunities for us to shine as good neighbors and compassionate beings.

No matter how frustrated we might feel at times, there is always someone who is in pain and can use our kindness and support.

Maui is such a family-oriented, phenomenal place to call home, that being restricted from being around our Keiki, or our Kupuna, really does affect our well-being.

My grandson and colleague Jake Pike has been so very helpful to me during this crazy time.

Elizabeth Quayle and Maui Realtor Jake Pike

We’ve been working together since 2017, when he was licensed as a Realtor Salesperson with Sakamoto Properties, now Coldwell Banker Sakamoto Properties.

He has been a very integral part of my daily business, and I miss him madly.

I have seen him for very short periods of time, and only while wearing a mask and gloves.

He’s been a Godsend in several ways, including meeting inspectors, electricians, and handling the daily marketing needs for me while we’re stuck at home.

He’s also delivered Starbucks and groceries for our quarantined clients while on the 14-day lock-down.

It’s been such a relief to have someone I trust completely to maintain professional practices while completing the vital tasks on our behalf.

He’s my treasured pride and joy, and I’m so grateful that he is always here to help us in any way possible.

Grateful to live here full-time, and we’ll be available to serve others in person as soon as possible.

Stay healthy, stretch daily, eat well, and remember we will be able to hug again soon… in the interim, air hugs work just fine!!!

Elizabeth R. Quayle

Maui REALTOR® Broker

International President's Circle

Coldwell Banker Island Properties

© Elizabeth R. Quayle